Montgomery MS Center

From the President

From the President


A Word from Our President

Welcome to the website of the Montgomery Multiple Sclerosis Center. This site and the Center itself is designed for you! It is our hope that through our various services, MS patients, their care givers and their children can learn that there is a great life to live even if you have MS.

Karen and Lester

Karen and Lester


I speak from experience as I also have MS. I was diagnosed in April of 1997 at the age of 34. My first year with MS was terrible. I suffered tremendously both physically and mentally. My husband and two young daughters as well as the rest of my family had to undergo severe changes. Finally, I attended a medical program at The Jimmie Heuga Center and my whole outlook on life changed. I now know that my world still exists and I am as busy as ever. Even with my physical limitations, I know that there is so much I “CAN DO”!

I walked up 199 steps on the spiral staircase of the Cape May Light House. Even though I am now secondary progressive and need a walker or scooter, I used my arms to help me climb. There is no end to what we can put our minds to!

My true goal in founding this Center is to show those affected by MS that a cure would be wonderful, but we have MS NOW and we need to make the most out of our lives now and not live for the future.

I hope you will join us in learning what you can do and will attend our programs and utilize our services.

We are forever in the process of funding the Center and are very proud of what we have accomplished in such a short time.Thanks for your patience and we hope you’ll take part in our programs!

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