Montgomery MS Center

Our Services

Our Services

The Center’s goals are being achieved by providing a variety of services to enhance the quality of life of the MS family.  These services include:

Exercise physiology programs to promote strength in the MS patients including:

  • Yoga classes;
  • Tai Chi classes;
  • Feldenkrais classes;

Case management to aid the patients who require assistance in coordinating all of their doctors;

Referrals to obstetricians/gynecologists, urologists, neuro-opthamologists;

Referrals to and consultations with assistive device companies;

Educational lectures provided by MS medical professionals and counselors;

Handicapped accessible field trips for the MS patients and families to places where the patients may not otherwise feel are accessible.

Plans for the future include:

  • Individual sessions with physical therapists;
  • Individual therapy sessions and support groups for MS suffers, care givers, partners and children led by Licensed Clinical Social Workers
  • Swiss ball exercise workshops;
  • Physical, occupational and speech/swallowing therapy;
  • Equine therapy (Hippotherapy);
  • Stress management/relaxation classes to help persons with MS learn to manage their stress levels and thereby reduce the number of exacerbations;
  • Insurance advocacy to assist patients with claims settlements;
  • Resource room including an in-house library, educational brochures and various assistive devices.