Montgomery MS Center

Our Mission

Our Mission

Mission Statement

The Montgomery Multiple Sclerosis Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving people with MS and their families.


The Center’s primary goal is to help those affected by MS adjust to the disease, learn to live their lives to the fullest and come to the realization that there is much they CAN DO within the limits of their illness.


Being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a life long chronic and progressive illness, is a terrifying, confusing and life altering experience. Depression and fatigue are the two most common symptoms of the illness and can leave sufferers with feelings of anger, loss and hopelessness.

Those suffering from MS are suffering NOW. The average age of diagnosis is between twenty and forty years old leaving a long life of waiting. Multiple Sclerosis is a diagnosis, not a death sentence or a reason to stop living life to it’s fullest. Our vision is to give those with MS the tools to live their lives NOW, while the search for a cure continues.